Sunday 2 February 2014

hello february

January wasn't unbearable but I am happy to bid it adieu. I quite enjoy January's calm, after the storm that is Christmas but it has been a long, long month.  I am delighted to welcome February.

We have spent this weekend like most since Christmas, indoors cosied up by the fire.  We venture outside for short bursts of fresh air between rain showers and otherwise only when we really, really have to. Hopefully February will bring longed for bright days with a little sunshine.  I am wishing for a day by the sea

In the meantime my winter survival plan involves crafting, reading, baking and stitching. And the certainty that spring will soon be here.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Hope you are having a good beginning of February and that it is a lovely month to you.

  2. Great survival plan. I'm following it too!

  3. I find February tough, I start to get allotment dreams and want to plant things but it is too soon and it is the long end of winter but not quite the start of Spring. I like your optimism though so I can run with that for a while! Jo x

  4. Hey, I'm loving the look of that beetle...I have the Floss n' Mischief dragonfly, though I haven't started it yet. You will inspire me to get it going, then I won't be the only one stitching sparkly bugs! ;-) Chrissie x

  5. Your February survival plan sounds perfect! We too are considering a seaside trip (weather dependent)... Love your little cross stitch kit.
    Sarah xx

  6. Oh Bee, I am waiting for Spring too...even after having just spent two weeks in Cyprus for which I am truly thankful, I long for longer days and lots of sunshine x

  7. We've had a spot of sunshine, and thats to cheer us on to warmer days Bee!
    ps love the hama heart. I'm still to nervous to have the hama beads on the loose with my boys around. They do not understand the concept of keeping things on the table. (!) x

  8. I like the sound of your winter days! I'd love a house with a fireplace - makes winter so much more bearable when you can cosy up in front of an open fire. x

  9. Hi Bee us too...I'm not good with damp and chilly weather...loving that stitching kit...D x

  10. I have just finished my first ever counted cross stitch! Hope you enjoy yours and wishing you a happy February!

  11. I like the sound of your winter survival plan. The beetle cross stitch is fab! x


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