Thursday 20 February 2014

signs of spring

Today the sun shone bright. I wandered around the garden hoping to spot signs that spring is on the way.  I'm tired of winter. So it was with much delight, that I found nature awakening from its long winter sleep.

Daffodil buds poked out of the soil surrounding our silver birches. The soil, in part was covered in a carpet of tender stemmed clover.  Catkins danced wildly in the sudden sharp gusts of bitterly cold wind.  And there were clusters of tiny white blooms on the viburnum.  

In the vegetable beds, curly kale, the vegetable that keeps on giving.  It is the sole survivor from last years planting and still provides leafy greens for dinner.  It seemed luminous in the cool sunlight.

Spring is coming.  Of that I am sure.  Are there signs of the changing seasons with you?

Joining in with Annie's 'how does your garden grow?'


  1. Beautiful signs of spring. How lovely to see it all after so much winter.

  2. Hooray at long last Bee, I am rather fed up with the lack of colour and will be welcoming all the new green shoots popping up everywhere x Let it come!

  3. It is so nice when you start to see the signs of growth reappearing all around isn't it!! xx

  4. Your signs of spring are much more promising than mine. Temps have suddenly risen and now all the winter's worth or snow accumulation is washing away in one huge melt! Water everywhere :P Wendy x

  5. Yes, seasons are changing here too (despite the heatwave last week). Mornings are definitely nippier, and some trees are starting to lose their leaves. Have a great weekend! x

  6. Hooray! I definitely feel like Spring is about to burst with a vengeance! I have similar images in my garden, I can't help but smile...chrissie x

  7. So lovely, I'm happy that it's staying lighter in the evenings!


  8. I love the depth of the green in your photos! Yes, this week it did finally feel that spring was coming. Some bulbs are coming up in our garden and a few primulas, but that's it. But it's still light at 5.30 pm and that really does feel good. Have a great week Bee. x

  9. It's such a hopeful time, isn't it? Spotting all these little details is a lovely thing to do and the perfect excuse to go out walking with a camera and flask (and umbrella!)
    S x

  10. I'm so sorry that I've only just spotted your entry, I feel so bad! I suspect others might have missed you too so I'll link you back up tomorrow :)

    Spring certainly in en route - almost early I'd say. I love seeing all the green shoots from bulbs poking up through the ground - it's a colour explosion waiting to happen! Lovely shots - all that green makes me happy!

    Thank you for joining in! x


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