Wednesday 5 February 2014

the year in books: february

Joining in with Laura for #theyearinbooks, my choice for February is Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple.

I perused the Persephone catalogue happily for a few hours, eventually settling for this novel. It arrived by post a little while ago and I have loved delving into it.  

For my January read I chose This Perfect World by Suzanne Bugler.  A book from my bookshelf which had gone unread until now.  The novel is well written, tackling the difficult subject of bullying head on.  

The story focuses on Laura, as she enjoys her seemingly blissful existence, that is, until her less than perfect past comes back to haunt her. It is a quick read which is dark and uncomfortable at times.  The story vividly illustrates how perfect existences can collapse like a tower of cards. Whilst I couldn't say that I really liked this book it made interesting, if unsettling reading.  

I am looking forward to my next book and will be having a look through Goodreads to help me choose.

If you fancy joining in or finding inspiration for reading more you can find Laura and lots of lovely bibliophiles here


  1. Happy proposalversary! Haven't read that Persephone one yet, looking forward to your thoughts x

  2. I have read this book too and i agree it's an unsettling read but very thought provoking.
    Marianne x

  3. I'm reading a book right now that starts with the exact date of my birth. Spooky. Wish I had more time to read. So hard to fit it all in, eh? I used to finish a book in a couple of days, now it's a couple of months. X

  4. I have just ordered a Persephone catalogue after reading a recommendation about their books, so I look forward to seeing what you think of this book, and if it is good perhaps it will be my first purchase! The other book sounds very interesting, it is amazing how people assume that because everything seems lovely on the surface that people are having a perfect life, when the truth is often totally the opposite. Hope that you enjoy your next book. xx

  5. Thanks for your review Bee, I am loving this book group and reading the reviews of bloggers I follow. I hadn't picked up on Persephone books and looking forward to your next review.

  6. Dear Bee
    I hope you enjoy your Dorothy Whipple book - I have read a couple of her books and think she is such a clever, understated, observant author. She conjures up totally believable worlds which the reader becomes engrossed in and writes about life with all its ups and downs, twists and turns. Thank you for reminding me how good she is - must get some more books of hers...
    Best wishes

  7. I have both those books, read them a while ago and enjoyed both. Have you read any others by Suzanne Bugler? My favourite is The Safest Place. Lovely to see so many bibliophiles isn't it, and maybe discover new authors.

  8. Both these books are appealing to me....but I need more hours in my day!!!
    bestest to you lovely Bee
    Daisy xxxxx

  9. You've said just enough to make This Perfect World sound intriguing - another to add to my list!

  10. Two good reads to add to my list...thanks! Chrissie x

  11. Hello, your January read sounds interesting! Definitely something to remember for my book group. I've started my book for Feb (The Shining Girls) but I have been so tired at night I'm barely able to finish a chapter. Luckily it's the weekend soon - might just have to leave the boys with my husband and sneak off to read my book :) x

  12. I'll be interested to see how you get on with the Dorothy Whipple ... my February choice is non-fiction again, I just can't seem to get into make-believe worlds just now. Happy reading x

  13. Oooh, lovely Dorothy Whipple! x


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